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Mid Century Mod in Palm Springs

One of my favorite vacation destinations is Palm Springs, California. Located just an hour and a half out of Los Angelos, Palm Springs is a very relaxed desert town where you can truly go just to relax.

I stayed in a fun Mid Century Modern condo last time I was out there and remembered I didn’t post the photos. The house was designed well and although I could have done without the shag carpet in the bathrooms..eek! Otherwise it was a very comfortable pad to stay in.

Color that isn’t scary!

Color can be scary but when used appropriately it can be dramatic, peaceful, or sophisticated. If you have worked with me then you know where I stand when it comes to color. I believe that you should add color through inexpensive, or the least expensive, changes. For instance, if you want to experiment with a funky wall color have the walls painted (since paint is relatively inexpensive) before buying a hand-made artisan wall covering in that same color. I also recommend that people use neutrals on large furniture pieces and save color for small accent pieces like occasional chairs, ottoman, pillows, stationary drapery panels, accessories, or art. The smaller pieces will be easier (and less expensive) to change out when you want a new color scheme.
I saw this handsome lamp in Architectural Digest and it immediately captivated my attention. This particular beauty is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. At the affordable price point of $220-$230 (depending on finish/shade) it will be an easy way to add a little pizazz to your space!

I’m out from under the rock!

Hello, hello! Happy Summer to all. This week I finally crawled out from under the rock I’ve been living under (this is why I have so neglected this poor poor blog). In reality, I’ve been extremely busy professing, designing, and reorganizing my new home office in The Wood (Woodbury).
What’s new? I’ve created a yard monster involving flocks of birds and numerous feeding stations so when I’m not designing, professing, or snuggling with my beloved fur-kid I am out tending to the beast I have created in our yard. In the upcoming weeks I will be adding rain gardens to the back yard to help reduce wasteful and damaging run off when it rains. I will certainly be sharing photos and comments as gardening and landscaping would probably be the one thing I would do all day, everyday, if Minnesota were that type of climate in which one doesn’t need to worry about frostbite.
As usual, I have been sifting through the countless magazines I have stacked around my abode but the exciting news is that there are all sorts of new and amazing products to share! I’ll be posting several soon…
Until then, I wish you summer delight and enjoyment!

Is it Spring yet?

Anyone living in Minnesota knows that it’s been a rough winter. Last evening I was recalling how wonderfully early out spring came last year. This year winter seems to be holding on with tight fists. I do realize though with each passing year winter only gets harder the older I get. Does anyone else notice this? As a kid I loved winter and couldn’t wait to play in fresh snow. Now additional snow means I’ll have to wash the salt off my car, give up my cute shoes for boots, and hobble through slush with my samples in tow.

While winter and cold are constant outside my window there is a constant flow of magazines and catalogs showing me the latest looks for spring. Giving me hope that one day, very soon, it will be SPRING once again.

Here are some of my favorite spring trends/products….

Elle Decor featured this space – unexpected chartreuse chairs add drama and youth!

Lemonade is synonymous with SUMMER. What better way to sip away the afternoon? This adorable dispenser comes from

Love this chair – soft feminine curves but still neutral enough as to not scare a man away!

New Lulu DK fabric!

Each new season, just as in fashion, Textile Designers are releasing their new designs. Enter the SPRING collections. One of my favorite fabrics for Spring is from Lulu DK. It is a linen and cotton blend. With a color name “Apple Martini” it screams spring and summer. Delicious!

Project in Edina

This living room was a fun project. When I first saw the space the walls were light and there was nothing in this room but old furniture (that was on the way out of the house), a rug, and a few stray toys. The clients needed a place that was kid-friendly but would function as a grown-up lounging area and entertaining area. At the point these photos were taken we were still waiting on the arrival of a print that will be installed above the fireplace.

Holidays in My Home

Holiday decorations at my home, 2010….Our tree. This was somewhat disappointing for me as our tree last year was 12 feet tall. This year we bought so early that a 9 foot tree was the tallest we were able to get. I tend to favor a sentimental collection of ornaments that reflects experiences of my life versus a contrived “designer” tree in my own home. Decorating with fresh greens is so incredibly festive and inviting! The scent is wonderful as well. For easiest clean-up I try to buy the fresh cedar garland as it doesn’t shed tiny needles. I like to attach trinkets like fake birds or ornaments to the garland. This year I made holiday card holders and attached those to the garland as well.

More fresh garland on the living room fireplace…

The naughty and nice stockings are more decorative and I love the whimsy of them. One side says “naughty” and the other “nice” so you can flip them depending on behavior! This year they hung in the den, just above the fireplace…

This is one of my home-made banners. This particular one was strung across the den fireplace….


Holiday Trees in November!

This year I have found myself in a state of holiday glee! It all started the first week in November when I participated in a holiday event and listened to holiday music to get in the mood. Well, that mood stuck so now it’s not even December and my shopping is done, my gifts are wrapped, and my decorations are begging to be put up!

I was lucky enough to decorate a tree for Health East’s Festival of Trees, last week at RiverCenter in Saint Paul, MN. Each year this event brings 750 people to the RiverCenter in support of the Health East Foundation which provides services to patients in need.

My tree was 7.5 feet tall and my theme was “Birds of a Feather”. I used gold ball ornaments with traditional red accents. My favorite ornaments were the white owl (Target), birds nests (trade source), and cardinal globe (trade source). I was able to decorate this entire tree for $200 including the skirt!

5 Minute Holiday Craft!

This crafting process seriously only takes about 5 minutes. Believe me, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to get this one right
First, you’ll need the following tools: holiday scrap booking paper (something sturdy), holiday stickers, ribbon, cutting tools, zots (adhesive glue dots – or just Elmer’s glue is fine too!).

To make the process simple, I am using a circle cutting tool from Michael’s. This tool is around $20.00 but wow is it worth the cost – you can cut circles anywhere from 4″ to 12″ in about two seconds! It is so easy to use.

The first step is to cut a circle out of your first paper – any size will do. For my larger size I used a 10″ circle with a 5″ circle in the center in a contrasting paper. Once you have your first circle cut then cut out your second circle and glue or “zot” your second circle onto the center of your first circle. Now punch a hole in the top of your big circle and run a ribbon through the hole to create a hanger. Now you can embellish the circle with holiday stickers or you can use glittery letters (from the craft store) to spell out holiday phrases.

Now…where do you use these? I plan to use some in the center of my wreaths – I simply hang the ornament from a nail or hook and then hang the wreath on that same hook. If you measure carefully the ornament will hang in the center of your wreath; this is a beautiful, easy decorating trick! You can also make banners as I have shown – connect your circles with ribbon. You can hang banners just about anywhere but they are very pretty by a fireplace mantel (just keep them as far as possible from flames!) or across a mirror.

This is incredibly inexpensive and you can recycle these ornaments when you are finished if you don’t want to use them next year. Or, if you make smaller circles you can repurpose them as gift tags next holiday season.

So simple! So festive!

Chaos No Longer!

When it comes to the kitchen, my favorite accessory is just about anything you can put on the table: place mats, napkins, napkin rings, place card holders, runners, and table cloths! For me, these are to the kitchen what shoes are to a woman’s wardrobe!
Even with the best of intentions, my linen cupboard was a disaster. Any time I needed a particular item the rest would tumble out of place and, in a rush, I would shove them back in the cupboard and shut the door. What a mess!
A few weeks ago I tackled the issue head on with a label maker and some organizational bins. My supplies were purchased at Target. I opted for Sterilite containers to hold my napkins, napkin rings, and and table runners. Each container is along labeled using my trusty label maker. For instance, one container is labeled “cloth napkins, sets of 6″. I also have “sets of 4″ and so on…
My napkin rings are divided depending on occasion: everyday or holiday.
If your kitchen is a mess, this is the time to tackle it! If you plan to do holiday entertaining or even holiday baking surely you will need to find things easily and quickly. No better way is this possible than through good organization!